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Left: Session 3 with Payton, who has a fear of loud noises such as echoes, thunder, and fireworks.

Right: Session 6 with Payton, taking in all the noises The Home Depot has to offer! Way to go Payton!

Learn more about Jennifer, the owner of Happy Tails Pet Training, here. She's a dog behavior expert, a Canine Good Citizen test evaluator, and all around fun person!

Whether you need help with some less-than-desirable behaviors...

Or your dog needs help with some anxiety or fear...

Or you just want to make the most of having a dog. Contact us now and tell us about it.

We'll help you choose between our unique group dog training classes (which are small in size so you can enjoy the company of other dog owners, your dogs can socialize, but you still get a ton of personal attention).


our private programs, where we can help you 1-on-1 in your home or our facility with your dog.

Dog Training in Milwaukee

Having a dog should be fun! Enjoy your dog (and training your dog) even more.

Do you dream of going for a walk with your dog without being pulled?

Being able to answer the door without the dog going crazy?

Not having to worry about what the dog got into "this time"?

Having a dog you can be proud of?

Wish you had someone to help you every step of the way?

You're in the right place! Training with your dog with our help is so much faster, easier and more fun - taking away the time consuming stress and worries of training your dog.

Contact us to start a better life with your dog!

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